Vote Liberal Democrats in the North East. Stop Brexit!

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union. We need your support at these elections.

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Working hard for you. All year round.

Local Liberal Democrats work hard all year round for your communities, keeping in touch regularly with residents and dealing with issues and concerns that matter to our communities.

Only one choice for REMAIN in the North East

Independent experts say that Liberal Democrats are the clear choice for REMAIN in the North East.

Jeremy Corbyn confirmed today that the Labour party will seek to deliver on Brexit and commit to doing so in their EU Election manifesto. This means that Labour candidates int he region will be bound to Brexit despite their previous campaigning to Remain.

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Latest polling shows Lib Dems are now ahead of Labour and the Conservatives

Latest polling data from YouGov, shows that voters in this months European Parliament elections are now more likely to vote for the Lib Dems rather than Labour or the Conservatives.

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Campaigning to Stop Brexit

We’ve been spreading the Lib Dem message to Stop Brexit on the doorstep and also across our more rural areas.

Here on the border with Scotland, where people and business moves freely to and fro, it is key to Stop Brexit.

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Labour's refusal to support second referendum will cost them dearly in NE European Elections

It is now very clear that Labour are trying to face both ways on Brexit and cannot be relied upon to support a second referendum. This is a game changer for the forthcoming European elections in the North East and it is likely that the backlash from angry Remainers who feel let down by Labour's leadership on this issue will begin at Thursday's local election.

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